Customized, Critical Plans for Medically Supervised Extreme Weight Loss

Last Diet Ever offers the most comprehensive line of medically supervised, extreme weight loss protocols. If you are at a critical point in your life, where weight loss is required to control other health challenges, our medical staff will develop a customized protocol. This will ensure the extreme weight loss protocol is aligned with your most critical health conditions. As your health conditions improve, additional protocols can be added to continue the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Last Diet Ever Critical Plans

Last Diet Ever will work with your current physician to deal with your health issues in appropriate steps. Our staff will develop an initial weight loss protocol for each client. As the weight comes off and health conditions improve, critical patients will begin to stabilize. The protocols will then be adjusted to continue the weight loss until they can assume a healthy and productive lifestyle. Treatments in the areas of Adrenal Recovery and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy are highly recommended to all patients to maintain weight loss for a lifetime.

Who Benefits From a Critical Plan?

Those with critical health problems. Many doctors will not prescribe certain medications, treatments, exercise, or other health remedies if a patient has significant weight challenges. Last Diet Ever provides a way for a patient to lose weight rapidly while taking into account these health issues.

Lose Extreme Weight … Carefully!

Do you face extreme health issues? Last Diet Ever offers the most comprehensive line of medically supervised, extreme weight loss protocols. We offer a FREE evaluation and all we need is 1-2 hours of your time for an initial interview. You can tour one of our many facilities and conduct the interview all in one visit. Set an appointment now by contacting a Last Diet Ever location nearest you.

Our goal is to restore your good health and make this your Last Diet Ever.

Weight Loss for Longevity and Energy

For most, weight loss is about appearance. But for many who need to lose 30 or more pounds, extreme weight loss is necessary just to live a functional life. These articles are meant to educate, inform, and inspire. We're serious about weight loss.

Success Stories

joe camerato face

At 52 pounds lighter, I have less and less pain, and no need for pain medications any longer.

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Stephanie Yarbrough Face

"WOW"....This is the word I used every morning when I stepped on my scale to see another pound disappear.

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michael moore extreme weight loss

Just to sum it all up, I jokingly say to my wife, "Honey, enjoy the view!"

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Nick Vincent2

I feel like a new person again. And did I mention the kicker? It's all without any exercise!

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adam klein extreme weight loss

Adam tells us that he wants to be "the 'Jared' of Last Diet Ever," and he's well on his way!

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News and Features

Last Diet Ever With Chef Adam Klein

And this time, we brought lunch! Chef (and Last Diet Ever client) Adam Klein, along with Last Diet Ever Marketing Director Abbey Heilman, appeared on WKYC-TV's Good Company program on February 20, 2012.

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