Success Stories

We have lots of success stories to share! Nothing makes us happier than when our comprehensive line of extreme weight loss protocols brings health and happiness to one of our clients. If you'd like to submit your success story, contact your local Last Diet Ever location so we can interview you and take some pictures.

joe camerato face

At 52 pounds lighter, I have less and less pain, and no need for pain medications any longer.

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Stephanie Yarbrough Face

"WOW"....This is the word I used every morning when I stepped on my scale to see another pound disappear.

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michael moore extreme weight loss

Just to sum it all up, I jokingly say to my wife, "Honey, enjoy the view!"

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Nick Vincent2

I feel like a new person again. And did I mention the kicker? It's all without any exercise!

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adam klein extreme weight loss

Adam tells us that he wants to be "the 'Jared' of Last Diet Ever," and he's well on his way!

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Last Diet Ever Testimonial3

I thank God for this diet. It is the easiest diet ever, and keeping the weight off has been so easy, too!