Joe Camerato

My name is Joe Camerato. I have been a Firefighter/EMT for the City of Toledo for the past 18 years, and have struggled to control my weight most of my adult life.

I have tried most diets and did well on some and failed on others. In August of 2010, I injured my back while fighting a fire, and spent the next eight to nine months having a couple of surgeries and trying to rehab myself so I could return to work. During this time my weight continued to rise. Some of it was due to the medications I was taking due to my injury and, to be honest, some of it was from my laziness.

I was overweight (medically) before my injury, even though I spent 45 minutes daily on the elliptical. After my injury, there were times I wasn't sure I would even be able to return to work. I had some complications and was told I would probably need to think about another line of work. The idea of this was crushing to me. Being a Firefighter/EMT is something I love to do. I don’t know too many people who can say they love their jobs, but I truly do.

joe camerato before after weight loss

Between the medication, being laid up for 8 months, and laziness, my weight spiked up to over 280 pounds. I worked hard during my rehab and was able to return to the job I love, but I couldn't get my weight to drop. Here I was trying to help others and I couldn't help myself!

A couple of major events happened both at work and home which really drove home the idea that, if I didn't find a way to get rid of the extra weight, I wasn't going to be able to continue my career for very long. I tried those diets which seemed to work for me before, but I lost nothing. I even gained more at times. Understand, I was trying to eat right and I was working out daily. I was really trying! By September, I was figuring, “Oh, well. I guess I'm never going to lose this weight. I'll end up a Type II diabetic like both my parents, and there's nothing I can do about it.”

Like most people struggling with a weight problem, I was getting depressed and really starting to give up. I had heard about hCG and figured it was like all the other diets, just another fad which will never work. I researched hCG on the internet and it seemed like another “miracle” diet — most of which I've tried. But I figured what's one more? What could it hurt? I was getting fatter anyhow. That's when a friend of mine, who I had not seen in a long time, said she had done hCG and she showed her before and after pictures. It was the push I needed to seriously look into Last Diet Ever.

I met with Abbey (my counselor) and, still unsure if I believed in this “miracle,” I thought to myself I might as well try it. That first meeting with Abbey set me on a path which has changed my life. I started my injections in early October, and every step of the way I was worried it wasn't going to work. I truly had a not-so-positive outlook on how this was going to work. Day after day, week after week, the weight disappeared and my belief in hCG grew stronger. There were those days in which negativity crept back in, but I'd call Abbey and she knew just how to support me through those times.

As the weeks went by I started noticing my clothes were getting bigger. Okay, it wasn't my clothes getting bigger, I was getting smaller! “Holy cow it's really working!” You know it's working when the guys you work with start saying something about your weight loss!

As I completed the injection phase, during which I dropped 52 pounds, I really started to worry about packing the weight right back on. Again, Abbey was there to support me. I did my three week stabilization phase and was amazed how easy it was to keep the weight off.

I still wanted to lose more weight and talked it over with Abbey. We discussed a goal I've had of doing a Firefighter Stair Climb (38 Floors) in which I would be wearing my full firefighting gear and air bottle (an extra 40+ pounds). We talked about using hCG and intensely training for the stair climb. Abbey and the staff at Last Diet Ever told me I would be better off just training for the climb. “Wait! What? You don't want to take my money?” They could have just as easily started me on the next round of injections, but they knew there was a possibility it wouldn't work properly. I was blown away at the honesty. The staff truly cares.

The weight loss and ability to keep it off gave me the push I needed to sign up. In February, my 14 year-old daughter and I completed our first stair climb. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done! I had to push myself harder then I ever have to just to complete the climb. Completing the climb would have never been possible at over 280 pounds! Since completing the first climb my daughter and I have signed up for our second stair climb which is in less then two weeks. This one is a little more intense at 45 floors. Again, I will be in full gear and air bottle.

joe camerato and daughter

I know a good part of my success with Last Diet Ever has been my own drive to follow the instructions from Abbey and the staff to the letter, but this drive would not be there if the results weren't! After my next stair climb, I have plans on doing a couple of yearly 5k races along with the firefighter stair climbs. But before my next race, I will be returning to Last Diet Ever to lose the rest of my 100 pound weight loss goal. If 52 pounds makes me feel this good, I can’t wait to lose the rest!

Oh, and remember my back injury? At 52 pounds lighter, I have less and less pain, and no need for pain medications any longer. I'm counting that as a miracle!!! So, if you don't think Last Diet Ever can help you or you're worried about how much it will cost, talk to Abbey and the staff. She has my number and you can call me. I've been where you are and had those same worries!

- Joe Camerato