Michael Moore

I was in the January 4, 2011 "class," and here are my starting numbers [see table below]. I did the four-week program, and added one extra week at the end. I lost 37 pounds and lowered my blood pressure significantly!

I have to say that I am very happy with the program and my results. I stuck to the diet like it was gorilla glue tape! I did struggle at times with hunger, but with the support of you and others with the program, I worked through it.

I enjoyed the recipe book, and learned a completely new way of cooking and eating for myself. I started a daily fitness program that consists of yoga (Wii) and a very light walk/bike ride two or three times a week.

It was so exciting seeing results every day! Sometimes the weight was coming off so fast I thought I would waste away to nothing! That didn't happen, but 37 pounds later, I feel great!

I have so much more energy, and can run up and down the two flights of stairs in our home with no problem at all. I have not had one piece of fast food since December, 2010, and the only pizza I've had (with the exception of my Domino's reward) is the pizza that I make myself using nothing but simple ingredients and a wholesome crust (whole wheat pita is my favorite).

It did take some work during Stage 2. It seemed to me that everything I ate put weight on me! But after working through the recommended suggestions, I have been able to identify the foods that are the hardest on me.

Some of the side effects I've noticed include less pain in my joints. I've been struggling with pain in my right shoulder for months. The pain is still there, but it is much less and I now have days of no pain at all.

Just to sum it all up, I jokingly say to my wife, "Honey, enjoy the view!"

Michael Moore Weight Loss Before After


Michael Moore: Before & After, By the Numbers


Before My Last Diet Ever


  Blood Pressure 127/101 119/76  
  Heart Rate 89 89  
  Weight 237 lbs. 200 lbs.  
  Neck 17.2" 15"  
  Chest 43" 39"  
  Bust 45" 40"  
  Arms 14.7" 12.5"  
  Navel 45.5" 39"  
  Hips 47" 41.5"  
  Thigh 21" 21"  
  Calf 16" 13"  



- Michael Moore