Medically Supervised for Your Safety

There are many weight loss options on the market. Very few specialize in extreme weight loss solutions. And even fewer offer medical supervision along with extreme weight loss protocols.

The options for those who want to lose more than 30 pounds are limited, only because most healthcare professionals feel that surgery or extreme measures are necessary. And all this within a cold, clinical setting where you're a number, not an individual.

Only Last Diet Ever specializes in extreme weight loss that is safe. We offer the most comprehensive medically supervised weight loss protocols. Our proprietary screening process ensures we match your body type and lifestyle to the right weight loss protocol. We also account for past and current health issues.

Last Diet Ever’s medical personnel meet with and oversee every patient's prescribed extreme weight loss protocol.

How does the Last Diet Ever work?

Under the Last Diet Ever hCG protocols, natural weight reduction occurs. Fat stores of 2,000 to 3,500 calories per day are released into the bloodstream which allows you to stay on a very low calorie diet without experiencing hunger, fatigue, or weakness. The body contour is reshaped, especially the abdomen, buttocks, and hips. Most importantly, after the weight loss, your metabolism has been positively affected.

What does the Last Diet Ever program include?

You will receive diet instructions, program counseling, and a Last Diet Ever handbook. You will also receive your prescription, if applicable, medical supervision, and diet coaching to provide for a total wellness experience.

Do I have to buy shakes or supplements?

No. While shakes and other dietary supplements may prove convenient, they are not required for successful weight loss using the Last Diet Ever protocols. We do offer our patients access to a variety of products that offer added convenience for the Last Diet Ever program, but the purchase of these items is not a requirement.

Is the Last Diet Ever safe?

To ensure your safety and your success, we may require lab testing which includes detailed blood work. You will also consult with a physician. We will manage your weight loss, and your own doctor will manage any pre-existing or newly discovered medical conditions you may have. We are not diagnosing or treating medical conditions.

Lose Extreme Weight … Safely!

Are you ready to lose a lot of weight … safely? Last Diet Ever offers the most comprehensive line of medically supervised, extreme weight loss protocols. We offer a FREE evaluation and all we need is 1-2 hours of your time for an initial interview. You can tour one of our many facilities and conduct the interview all in one visit. Set an appointment now by contacting a Last Diet Ever location nearest you.

Our goal is to restore your good health and make this your Last Diet Ever.